Our Process

We work closely with your CTO/VPE and engineering teams to architect solutions that will support your current needs and strategic initiatives. It’s our top priority to establish strong rapport with your team by earning their respect. We promote efficient collaboration with as little management overhead as possible because we understand developers (we are developers). Strong emphasis is placed from the very beginning on cross-training engineers to hone their operational competency, so that they have the necessary skills to triage critical problems, setup development sandboxes and even handle production environments.

Here’s how we go about it.

Small Teams

We believe that small cohesive teams stand the greatest chance of long-term success. This is because autonomous, self-organizing teams are able to avoid undue bureaucracy and micromanagement.

Direct Collaboration

No one understands your business better than you. Therefore we listen to your engineers and strive to understand your business requirements so that we can work together to solve your problems. Everyone on your team adds value to the project.

Flexible Process

Executing well is a skill. Working with good people and teams trumps any rigid process. The goal is always the same – to consistently deliver on time. One-size does not fit all, however, so we like to focus on what works for you. We support any flavor of “Agile” so long as it emphasizes simple functionality over rigorous documentation.

No Middlemen

We cut out the middlemen. By working with us, you always have a direct line of communication to any one on our team. There’s no complicated management structure or process involved with getting in touch with us or the help you need.

Our Team

Cloud Architect / Solutions Architect

Lead the overall technical vision and implementation of the cloud architecture. They have vast cross-domain expertise and are capable of bridging the gap between business and technology. They are responsible for overseeing the project until completion.

DevOps Engineer (1-2)

These Senior DevOps engineers have vast experience working with a wide array of cloud-native technologies and are responsible for hands-on implementation, deployment and orchestration/automation of the infrastructure. They’ll pair heavily with your team to get them up to speed on the complete technology stack.

Release Engineer

They are responsible for designing the end to end CI/CD pipeline with Docker compositions for integration testing and continuous delivery pipelines for staging, preproduction and production environments.